Hola, parents and friends! We’re reporting to you from the end of our most hectic day in Nicaragua so far.

Today was a pretty insanely amazing day. Even though we had to be up at 5:45 (which means we were up at 5), it was a exhilarating experience. We started off the day by going Casa Comanejo to take a mangrove boat tour of an island there. The entire ecosystem was so uniquely its own, with birds and insects always chirping. And the best part of it all: we got off the island and walked into an expansive but familiar beach on the other side. Probably the highlight of a lot of Glimpsers’ day, we spent over two hours in the surprisingly warm ocean waves, and it was so much fun. (For all the worried parents, yes there were Red Cross lifeguards in the water with us).

But it didn’t stop there. After that, we enjoyed a meal at Barca de Oro, a seaside change from our meals at Imabite. Later, we went to Taller Xuchialt, a free arts academy run by the incredible Gladys Garcia. It was wonderful to see the work that Gladys had put into running classes and providing accessible creative channels for the youth of Leon, as well as all of the kind and talented teachers who chose to contribute out of the goodness of their hearts. We also received the wonderful opportunity to create our very own large sawdust carpet, a tradition normally performed only during the Holy Week by the citizens of Leon. Traditionally, the carpet is created using sawdust dyed with colored pigment, and designed with religious imagery. Upon its completion, a procession led by Jesus Christ is to walk across the carpet, marring and destroying the designs. Our carpet was covered in patterns and images connected to each of us as individuals in a truly unique form of markmaking. Most of it was also emblazoned with L2C’s official team name, Buena Onda. Although we were disappointed with its subsequent destruction, creating it was a truly rewarding experience. Finally, we were treated to a folk dance performance as well as a lovely song from the school’s guitar teacher.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting one of the local high schools in the city as well as beginning our English tutoring! We’re very excited for what’s to come and things are only looking up. 🙂

Signing off,
Ayushi and Mugdha

P.S. Yes Mom, this is Ayushi and we’re fine and having an amazing time. *(insert star here).
P.P.S. Hi Mom and Dad, it’s Mugdha. My hair is salty and gross but my skin is clear and my heart is happy. Being a leader today was pretty cool.