Compared to many other experiences our glimpsers may encounter on this trip, Culture day has always been one of my favorite. Today we shared rhythmic adventures, ventured into the art of Candido Bido and shared moments with lots of laughter.

We began our day with visuals created by our own Bonaense Candido Bido, whose featured art work included signature pieces that featured women and children. The paintings in the museum spoke of stories within his community at the time illustrating Women without eyes or ears. He protected them from the hurt produced by a society that did not nurish or protect them. Children were shown playing and illustrated the innocense within impacting many glimpsers curiosity.

We followed the tour with an amazing dance class lead by Christopher. The crew was inicially shy and did not want to participate but man can this group move. Many needed encouragement but thats all it took. We competted to the rhythm of Merengue and Bachata. There were many laughs amongst the NYC delegates. We definately had fun and this event drew the group closer together. Being vulnerable can always bring people together.

We completed our day with a visit to Piro’s workshop were we learned about the cultural influence Carnaval has on Dominican society. We danced, learned about some of the characters developed by Piro and his team. Many of the characters were developed as of result of current events affecting society not only her in D.R. but also around the globe. This event was perfect because it provided perspective on how issues can be transnational affecting many people around the world including our glimpsers.

Culture thru music, dance and laughter can always bring people together. Today has demonstrated to be one of those days. We had an amazing time, came closer together and will continue to develop into a memorable NYC Delegation.

Until MaƱana…