Hi there our Global Glimpse followers,

We want to tell you a little bit about our first day in the Dominican Republic! Everyone got to the country safely. Past noon, students were received by the Program Coordinators Nicole, Diana, and Katherine who welcomed them with big smiles. Students were assigned numbers and we did a head count, made sure everyone called home, collected phones and passports, then headed to Jarabacoa to have lunch at a pizza place.

After lunch, we went to Rancho Ruisenor, our base house, and did room assignments. Everyone got settled we had our first seminar, “Welcome and Accomodation”, where we showed students the place such as water stations, the pool, and other areas.  Students had time to talk and play cards, while PCs and GGLs were doing individual checks.

At 7 pm, we had dinner and enjoyed tostones which are fried plantains, chicken, and vegetables. By the way Dominicans loveeee to eat plantains, so what could be better than having the students try them on the first day! Furthermore, we had our first nightly meeting where we introduced students to the role of “Leader of the Day” and everyone got to sign up for the days they wanted to be the Leader of the Day. We also went over the agenda, what the nightly meeting looks like, and ended the meeting by passing the torch to the leadership coach who is going to be the LDD tomorrow. She surprised us with an amazing Beyonce performance in order to earn the leader torch!

Today’s word of the day for the unity clap was “welcome”.

See you soon, we will keep you tuned in!