This is Edgar, one of the adult Global Glimpse Leaders (GGL). I was fortunate to meet many of the families at SFO and I’m happy to report that we have all made it to León!

It’s been a day filled with navigating international travel and learning to go with the flow. Our first flight out of SFO was delayed, causing us to miss our connection in San Salvador; but luckily we were quickly accommodated on the next flight and this gave us extra time to bond. Seeking out useful information and communicating helped us all stay on the same page while keeping the group vibe cohesive.

Finally making it through Nicaraguan immigration, we were met by our dedicated in-country GGL’s: Kirsten and Brayan. Their energy and warmth was quickly felt by the group as they led us through icebreakers, earthquake safety protocols, and modeling the nightly meetings.

We foresee a very fun set of days ahead!