Hey my dudes!
It’s your favorite glimpsers, Tanya and Cynthia T! Today we had the first CAP execution day and our daily English tutoring in the evening. Today was the first day without our Global Glimpse leaders who had a free day and our Program Coordinators were with us, so we were ready to take charge of the team!

We started off our day at 6:30AM and had a delicious, fruity breakfast to get our energy going. Right after, our glimpsers sat down and had a quick seminar about some letters of appreciation for our generous donors and headed on out to the ADIC location to begin our community action project (CAP).

Our CAP work day was split into two sessions, morning and afternoon. In the morning from 9 till noon, our glimpsers worked non-stop to get our project started while Nicole and Tanya went to buy supplies for our mural and garden. The group that stayed back at the organization went straight to work as they were specifically assigned roles the night before. Some were examining the area to plan the exactly where to work at and the others were already cleaning out the leaves in the garden and moving furniture to the side. After what seems like a long day’s work, the group headed back to the hostel for lunch, where Nicole and Tanya later joined us. For lunch, we had really good chicken with Gallo pinto, our favorite! ❤️ Everyone wished they could have seconds! We finished quickly and all went upstairs to plan our next lesson for English tutoring. Funny story about that… We worked and got things done, but it soon ended as most of us fell asleep with 8 people all sleeping on two tiny couches. A few were also napping in their beds.) Juliana, our Program Coordinator, came up and woke us all up for the afternoon working session. Those glimpsers were especially tired, but was soon filled with energy again after reaching ADIC to continue where we left off. We found contentment in the kids’ happiness and used that as motivation throughout the entire day to push us through all that hard work of moving heavy items around and cleaning the whole area out. While the others were there,Tanya and Juliana then went for the second round of shopping to buy secondary supplies, like paper cups and aluminum foil. Since the paint was already there, the other Glimpsers started painting. Everyone was super productive and we got the outside mural base and two walls on the inside painted. In addition, the gardening group painted stepping stoned and resoiled all of the garden plants. They worked hard to rub off the mold and moss in the garden and made sure to clean very detailedly to provide a nice area for the kids at ADIC. It was amazing to see how efficient all of us were together!! For sure going to miss all of this teamwork after we leave in 4 days. We ended the day with dinner and tutoring. Dinner had amazing fried chicken and everyone asked for us to express how godly it was. We all wanted to eat that every meal. English tutoring is always something that we all look forward to because we all really love teaching our dear students. After every class, the teachers (glimpsers) talk excitedly about their students to each other and their progress in class. We finally arrived back to our hostel where we had our nightly meeting to reflect back on today’s activity and remind ourselves of why we are doing all of this and who it is for. And now we are here writing this blog while everyone else is showering!

Looking back at today’s daily question “How does it feel to help others?,” one of our glimpsers made a point that helping others tend to be more of a natural act rather than making a good image for yourself. Watching all of the glimpsers work diligently on our CAP project showed us that the effort they put in is all due to their caring character and the commitment they have in wanting to do something for the local community. It was a great experience to be the delegation’s leaders today. We really learned a lot about what the three C’s (courage, commitment, and compassion) meant and the importance of it to be leaders. We’re now signing off! Peace my dudes. ✌

Raddest people on this trip
-Tanya and Cynthia T.

(Also, happy early graduation to my sister!! 🙂 -Cynthia)

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