Greetings from our first full day in Estelí!

Today, the Glimpsers explored Estelí and learned about Nicaraguan history and culture. At the hotel, we continued to try fantastic new foods and flavors, and beyond the hotel we got our bearings with a city tour led by our incredible Program Coordinators, Christa and Ena! The walking tour passed by gorgeous murals, local shops and restaurants, the school where we will begin English tutoring next week, and the Catedral and Parque Central. We even visited the Museo Arqueologico and enjoyed a sweet treat at a local ice cream shop! (The attached photos at the museum and in front of a mural are of my group with Ena, so apologies to the parents of the other half of our delegation. Your Glimpsers were smiling, too!)

In the afternoon, we learned about 20th Century Nicaraguan history, including information about the Sandinismo Movement, from historian Don Ivan Torres. The Glimpsers asked insightful questions that drew great connections between their history classes, Don Ivan´s experiences, and modern international relations.

The evening hours passed quickly with a seminar on being the Líder Del Día and an opportunity for small group reflections about everyone´s first impressions.

Big love to the group as a whole! The Glimpsers continue to show great compassion for and curiosity about one another. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and we are so excited to have our dear readers along for the ride!

Stay tuned for tomorrow´s entry from the first student LDDs, Valentina and Elsie!