Buenas noches to our families and friends back home- It’s your fellow Global Glimpse Leader Steph here writing as the first Lider del Día (LDD)!

After only a few hours of sleep in our beautiful hotel in Quito, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast before making the 4 hour trek to Riobamba. Our driver impressed us with his skills navigating through narrow turns and he made sure we got there safely while some us took a much needed siesta (nap).

Our hotel in Riobamba is called Tren Dorado and Pablo and María have already made us feel so welcomed. We had fun checking out our different colored bathrooms and blankets in our rooms! At nearby restaurant Roma Santa we had the privilege to eat a delicious lunch and dinner where we were able to try some traditional Ecuadorian food called buñuelos. BIG LOVE to our chef Isabel, who was happy to see that everyone was going up for seconds!! You definitely don’t need to worry about us going hungry over here, she feeds us good!!!

The highlight of the day was our dance lesson with Ballet Folklórico Renovación Ecuador where we had fun learning the traditional San Juanito dances to Ecuadorian music. The dances celebrate the holidays of Inti Raymi and Paseo del niño (featuring the licking dog dance move that everyone loved!)  At the end of our lesson the children were so excited to have us try on the typical anacos (skirts) and ponchos and take selfies with us… our cheeks hurt from smiling so much on the walk home!

Winding down on our successful first full day in country, our leadership team is so pleased to witness all of the Glimpsers making new friendships, sharing their thoughts and curiosities, and truly embracing the 3 Cs of Global Glimpse: compassion, commitment, and courage.

We are all very excited for an early night sleep and look forward to learning more tomorrow!!!  WE MISS YOU ALL at home, but are enjoying ourselves here in Riobamba 🙂