Group photo at airport

Hi everyone, I’m Daniel Tkach, one of the leaders for this Global Glimpse trip and I’m blogging today until the students get better oriented. In a few days you’ll be hearing from a rotating group of students who act as the leader for the day. 

Thank you to all the parents who came to the airport last night to send off your kids. They’re in good hands and our journey so far has gone smoothly.

After a brief layover delay in El Salvador, we arrived into Managua where our in-country leaders Noel and Nancy met us and together we drove about two hours through the rolling green countryside to get to Leon. The bus played the latest pop songs and had a strip of blue LED lights to flash with the bass, which made for a fun ride.

As warned, Leon is hot and sticky. Few places have air conditioning, so we are drinking lots of water and staying near fans. Hostel Santiago at nightWe are staying at Hostal Santiago de los Caballeros and it’s charming: white adobe walls with dark wood trim and a blend of indoor/outdoor courtyards, patios and landscaping. In this photo you can see it at night. The patio on the second story is where we have group meetings.

Comedor Imabite, two blocks away, acts as our dining hall for the trip  and is where we ate lunch and dinner, which was a buffet of rice, beans, veggies, plantains and meat.

Today was an orientation day so after we got into Leon we had seminars about health, safety, rules, culture, and living essentials. Leon is a city nearly 500 years old, and tomorrow we’re going to learn about its history and take a walking tour around the city center.

Every night we debrief how the day went and read the messages you leave us on this blog from the day before, so give a shoutout to someone and we’ll pass it along.