Hellooo to everyone reading our blog!!!!

Today was our first CAP day!!! AND it is also the first day on which there were 2 Leaders of the day! Today we woke up at 7:00 am and both of us woke up our roommates and everyone else so we can all start getting ready for breakfast. For breakfast today we ate toast with eggs and cheese, and as for our fruit we had cantaloupe with passion fruit juice which was indeed very good :). This breakfast was mostly needed BECAUSE today was indeed our VERY VERY first day working with the community. As we arrived at the community today around 9:30 am we all got our tools which was needed which are.. the shovels and the pick axe !!! Personally for me- Surely working with the pick axes and the shovels reminded me of playing Minecraft 🙂 and I had a good time. and Jhony will say what he felt right now 🙂 Jhony: As for me I felt relaxed and made my mind calm. Anyways, today was a really hot day but we kept checking up on everyone to see if they were doing alright and kept reminding them to drink their water. Whereas we had a water break every 30 minutes. As we were finishing our work for the first 4 hours we headed back to the ranch to eat some lunch! For lunch, we had rice with pork, and for dietary restrictions, they had white rice with soy meat we also had tostones with some egg and potato salad. As for the drink we had fruit punch. After we were done eating we had some free time during which I played some basketball. Shout Out to Engher Carter and Ferhana for playing with me:) After free time we went back to the community to keep on working and this time we just glued the pipes together and covered the pipes with the dirt that we shoveled. We finished the day at the community and came back to draft some letters of appreciation to some supporters. It all went pretty well, we had dinner after and had some mashed potatoes with chicken tenders watermelon some salad, and tamarind juice or coca cola:) After everything we all reunited together to have our nightly meeting and we passed the Torch to the new Leaders of the Day!!