Hola from the other side!!!

It’s Zach and Carmen your not-so-local locals. As usual everyday exactly at 6 in the morning the avocado man bikes by our hotel with a basket of avocados to sell, screaming “Aguacates!!” to wake us up bright and early. At 7 am we officially woke everyone up. For breakfast we had some freshly mixed exotic fruits paired with the original never-can-go-wrong, OJ. Then we had a program seminar writing letters to the global glimpse donors, writing hit-ya-over-the-heart letters.

Qucikly, we grouped up and went on a shopping trip. The trip felt as if we were filming the Amazing Race. In Esteli, they are known for having hardware stores with no wood or plastic. Did you know there are more ten plastic stores in just a few blocks of Esteli? Crazy right? The hardware group raced through five different hardware stores with no wood. They came back with zipties and cotton. As the paint group sprinted through all the different Paint stores, they ended up buying paint from the first and closest store. We waited for a taxi filled with flowers ready to go to Fundacion Cristal. For lunch we had chicken, vegetables and rice. Super yum!

At 1, we went to Fundacion Cristal but had a detour to another hardware store which had wood! We finally arrived to Fundacion Cristal which is 30 minutes away from our hostel. At the Fundacion multiple volunteers were waiting for us coated in Green Paint because they had already painted some tires for the playground. They welcomed us with open arms and we all went straight to work.

After 3 hours of straightening rocks, shoveling gravel and dirt, painting tires, and planting plants, a bus filled with tired glimpsers went back to the hostel. When we got there, we changed our clothes and went to the long-awaited “American Night” dinner at PaPa Jams Pizzeria. A group of five glimpers (Tejas, Seth, Allison, Jessica, and Rishi) ordered the biggest pizza on the menú, and could barely finish it as Tejas ate 11 pieces and Rishi pulling in 2nd with 10 pieces. Unfortunately, Zach didn’t eat a piece from that and yes, the picture makes it look like he did but we are sad to notify you, the internet does lie.

All in all it was another great day out here in the not-so -city-city. Continuing from our CAP day 1 we’ll be back out at Fundacion Cristal with our new LDDs Makenna and Jack. Please look out for our next blog.

Warmly, Carmen and Zach your LDD’s for the day

Working at Foundation Cristal

Fellow glimpser with “Princess and the Frog”

Painting Tires

Indoor garden at Foundation Cristal

A lil snack

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