a worm. You crawl through the muddy dirt into a beautiful, sunny day. You see Global Glimpsers putting up fence posts, painting soccer fields, and sanding play structures. Chimborazo glows in the distance. Your five hearts fill with happiness. 

Hi, what is up everyone, this is Alfonso, the worm, writing to you from Riobamba. Today, the leaders of the day, Ocean and Ximena, woke up at 6:30 AM. At 7:00 AM, they woke up everyone else. All the Glimpsers ate yummy eggs, then headed off at 8:15 AM to Colegio 9 de Octubre where they continued to work on their Community Action Project (CAP). I watched them from inside my home, a pile of dirt. One group worked on the garden: they dug holes and inserted fence posts, filling the gaps in with gravel for good measure. With the help from parents of the school, some people weeded while others cooperated to string rope through the fence. Another group painted the lines for a soccer field: they re-taped some of the lines for more precision, then started to clean the area with brooms. Unlike yesterday, the sun was on their side, and they were able to start painting as soon as they got to the school. The third group sanded down a play structure in preparation for being painted with a water resistant coat. They cut off the old ropes on the bridge to make way for new ones.

At 3 PM, I waved goodbye to the kiddos after shaking hands with their amazing bus driver Don Fernando. From what I heard from my good friend Don Fernando, the kids had a peaceful ride back to La Primavera, and had time to relax after all of their hard work. At 6:30 PM, they had dinner and surprised one of the Program Coordinators, Paco, for his birthday with a funky song and snazzy sign.

To Ocean’s family and Ollie, they say: I miss you all so much! I can’t wait to see you and eat sashimi from H-Mart with you. Say hi to the cats and Mochi for me. ~ Ocean

To Ximena’s family, she says: Los extraño mucho! Espero que no se esten divertendo sin mi. Los quiero mucho<3 ~Ximena 

Shoutout to Paco, Nacho, my bestie Don Fernando, and the parents from Colegio 9 de Octubre.  And from all worms everywhere, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PACO! 

Tomorrow the Global Glimpsers will finish their CAP and present the final product to the community. The Leaders of the Day tomorrow are Adreanna and Areli. Adreanna is as driven as she is organized, and such a kind person to be around. Areli always has something funny to say and is up for a shin-dig with almost anyone. I know they will both do great tomorrow! Please look out for their blog post tomorrow evening.

Catch me sometime in your mom’s garden! 

Alfonso out!

Big Love,

Alfonso Wiggle, Ximena Garcia, and Ocean Teu



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