Hola Familias,

Today was a very fulfilling day between building with concrete and playing soccer with kids from the elementary school in Aquiares. We began the day earlier than usual so we could arrive at the school at 8:30 for our Community Action Project (CAP). There, we met Omar (the foreman and our boss for the next three days). He taught us how to make cement and plaster walls for a soda, which is a small shop, for the school.

We divided into two groups so one could begin the construction and the other could begin reflection on how our trip has been so far. While one group was working, the other had the opportunity to play soccer games with some of the school kids. There were so many kids that we were able to have a girls game and a boys game . . . we lost them all. The teamwork and support between the kids was inspiring and hands down everyone’s favorite part of the day. Despite being tired from running around, the CAP project started off good and we hope to improve our communication and efficiency over the next two days. After a long day, everyone was extremely hungry and we had arroz, ensalada, frijoles blancos con pollo.

We finished dishes quickly, began our nightly meeting, shared lots of BIG LOVE and passed the torch onto: Chloe, Aiyana, and Andy.

Pura Vida,

Edgar and Lydia