We began our day today at 7 am. We eagerly woke everyone up and got ready for our final CAP day. Once everyone was in the mess hall, we began breakfast which was pancakes, fruit, and scrambled eggs. When we finished wrapping up breakfast, we started gathering ourselves to head off to Colonia Kennedy.

When we arrived at our CAP site, we were greeted with grinning faces from the community, ready to begin the final touches on the park. We had a group working on the mural, fixing up the paint patches on the walls and touching up the benches. Some of our glimpsers were playing with the kids (shoutout to Pedro and Alejandro for making everyone happy with their antics) because we were almost done and had one small part of the project left. We had games such as dominoes, cards, and more. Soon enough it was time for lunch and we headed off to the community center.

Our lunch at the community center was chicken, rice with corn, and macaroni. The food was amazing as always. We had finished lunch a little early, so we played some icebreaker games. Our first game was a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. It made everyone energetic, and it was really funny seeing the leaders compete against the glimpsers. Our final two were Andrew Rojas and Eli. Both were being cheered on by the rest of the glimpsers, but Eli took the win. Afterward, we played a game of Mafia which was exceptionally fun because it was a bonding experience, as well as a humorous one.

After lunch, we headed back to the park to complete the project. Which was getting everyone to stamp their handprints and initials on the walls using paint. Leaving a bright, fun, and colorful finale. We did this so the kids could leave their mark and know this park is there and will always be so. Finally, we performed a little talent show on the freshly designed stage, entertaining the community. Glimpsers sang, did gymnastic tricks, and cheered for the children showcasing their talents. Unfortunately, shortly afterward we had to depart and say our teary goodbyes. We were only there for 3 days, but we had already formulated close bonds with the children and they with us. However, we left knowing that we had made a positive impact on these kids’ lives and we will all remember each other long afterward.

We returned to our hotel, freshened up, and had a few hours of free time. Some of the glimpsers went to the park to play an exciting game of volleyball against Dominican kids and others went to eat some ice cream and purchase snacks. Then we had a brief dinner with carrots, zucchini, salami, eggs, and mangu. Shortly afterward, we had an early nightly meeting, where Aubrey and Dafina performed some incredible dance tricks as their talent. Aubrey and Dafina were welcomed as the new leaders of the day for tomorrow. Glimpsers shared their favorite moments of the day, and big love was exchanged, leaving the group on a positive note.