After our daily routine of waking up at 7:00 am and eating breakfast at 8:00 am, we headed to the local community to work on the CAP (Community Action Project) but at arrival, we were notified that a yearly bicycle race was taking place. The race track was on top of the road we were supposed to work on. Being LDDs (Líderes del Día), we chose to be wise with our time and instead of going straight back home, we decided to head to town and shop for souvenirs for our friends and family. After our exploration of the town, we headed back to the rancho to eat lunch and reenergize ourselves before heading back to the community and starting to work.

As LDDs, we told the Glimpsers to grab tools and follow the community members and ask them what they need us to do. At the beginning of the shift, we started to cover up all of the pipes with dirt. After that, we went to the end of the trench and started to pickaxe a pathway to lay the leftover pipes from the day before. Halfway digging up the trenches, it began to rain. It was slow at first, but as more time passed, the harder it rained. As a result of the rain, most people began to head inside the bus to hide from the rain. However, as LDDs, we kept working on the trenches to set an example. After the rain stopped, the whole group got hands-on with the tools to finish the trenches. We finished the day with only needing to lay 14 pipes worth about 80 meters of land. Today as Leaders of the Day, we learned that all it takes is for one person to lead and show a positive example, and others will then follow. This inspires us to continue to be positive leaders and role models.

After arriving at the ranch, we started to work on our letters of appreciation for the Global Glimpse supporters. In our letters, we gave a short introduction of ourselves and all of our activities in the D.R. so far. From all of the activities, we needed to break down the most memorable moment and how it had impacted our future views and actions. Lastly, we wrote a closing sentence thanking them for this one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Big Love,
Miguel and Josh