Hey everyone! We’re Fatima and Leticia, the leaders  for day 10. Today was our first day working on our CAP project at Utopia. We woke up at 6:45, enjoyed a lovely breakfast at our usual spot, then took a short bus ride to Utopia. We were split into three different areas; the garden, the front entrance, and the kitchen. From there, each group had a specific task that they were passionately devoted to. Glimpsers working in the garden had to clean out the backyard, remove plants and heavy rocks, shovel dirt, and begin cutting the wood for a shed. Glimpsers working in the front entrance had to paint the walls and doors of the entrance of the building.  Those working in the kitchen had to wash dishes, clean out the refrigerator, organize cabinets, and mop floors. Despite the rain, everyone remained productive throughout the whole five hours. We only have two opportunities to work and finish on this project that will help the Utopia organization. However, we can proudly say that a significant amount of progress was made, leaving us with less stress for tomorrow.


After long hours of hard work, we drove to Roma Santa for a delicious lunch. After our meal, we had well-deserved free time to freshen up before our fourth English tutoring class. After Fatima`s English class, a few siblings she teaches handed her a very sweet and thoughtful letter that made her cry three times. After Letty`s English class, her students suggested to throw her a small party for our last day of class tomorrow.  It seemed like everyone had a successful day of teaching, which makes it difficult to think about having to say goodbye tomorrow.

After being teachers for two hours, we walked back to Roma Santa for dinner. Some of us bonded over old Justin Bieber songs requested in the restaurant. After dinner we had our nightly meeting where Letty and I passed our torch onto Hojoon after he demonstrated his talents to be worthy of being leader of the day. We were then given some time to plan for our fifth and final English tutoring class tomorrow. Fatima created goodie bags filled with candy to give out to her students at the end of tomorrow`s class. Letty planned a review and a small party for tomorrow`s class. We both had a positive experience as leaders of such a busy day, but are now relieved to pass on such a big responsibility to a different person. Letty and I send love to our family and  to our friends whom we miss so much. We are looking forward to speaking with you all  on our free day on Thursday.