Today we woke up at 7 a.m. which was better than previous days because we got an extra hour! However, we had a quick breakfast which was cereal and yogurt. Shortly after, most of the Glimpsers took a bus to Los Higos (Community Action Project site) but we leaders were lucky enough to take a car over to the site (hehe). Once we arrived we got straight to work. We all began digging holes about 1 foot and a half deep. The holes we dug are going to be used to place our benches in.

These holes will be where we plan to place our benches. We cut pieces of rebar, mixed cement, picked up trash, made the molds for our benches as well as a platform to mount them on, and painted some of the benches as well. We had lunch at around 12 p.m. with the community members and had a great time. After lunch, we had free time and got to play baseball with the community members while some of us watched. At 1:30 p.m. we got back to work! We continued working on the benches and mixing even more cement. We finished at around 4 p.m. and headed back to the ranch. Unfortunately, it started pouring on our way back and most of the Glimpsers got soaked due to the ferry bus (except for us lol). Once we arrived at the rancho, we all went to our rooms to freshen up and take a nap while others stayed out and hung out.

Soon after we all gathered up to write letters of appreciation to Global Glimpse donors and to the community leader of Los Higos, Olmedo. Some finished faster than others and in the meantime those who had finished early played card games. A little later we had dinner (we were all so hungry) and finished the night off with the nightly meeting. Overall, today was a very exciting and rewarding day as we were able to work with community members to start our CAP project.