Hola todos, hello everyone!!

Just like any other day we started off with breakfast at our beloved abode, Casa Aquiares. Rosa cooked up some Gallo pinto, beans and rice, with eggs and fruit! After, we ventured out for our first day of CAP. (Community Action Project)

For our CAP we are building a soda, which is an extended kitchen space, for a nearby elementary school and extra bathrooms for guests during the schools special events.

As we arrived, we met with the head of construction of the project, Omar, and he was quick to help us begin. We started by mixing 10 buckets of sand, 2 wheelbarrows of rocks, a whole bag of cement, and A LOT of water. This helped us lay our foundation, which would be our floor. After doing this plenty of times, we began to coat and plaster the walls. Though the sun was quite brutal, the commentary and laughter of the local kids at recess kept us motivated and excited to continue.


After working expeditiously and jamming out to our playlists, it was finally time for lunch. We were scheduled to a lunchtime in which the kids were at gym and ate what they would typically have in a day. We had arroz con pollo that had beans and a cabbage salad; there was corn on the rice too! As we were eating, we were able to speak with the kids and even schedule a basketball game for later. But until then, we played games on our own, such as basketball, volleyball, and even badminton. Even though not all of us were good, cause that’s a fact, a lot of us were slaying 🙂


Though of course, good work comes with long hours, and shortly after, we were back at it. Mixing cement, plastering walls, and coating all over again. There was no time for tediousness because of the fluid rotation of our impeccable team, and during a break, we got to enjoy the fruit of a schoolyard tree.

We finished soon after and were on our way home. Though it was a short walk, we jammed to songs and pet the horses on our way home. Trust us, the walk home can be longer as some of us like to pet the horses and dogs in the area, looking at you Sage and Michelle (it’s cute though so keep doing what you’re doing). After showering and settling down, some of us left back out to go to the game we scheduled with our new friend from the school, Josúe.

After downtime, the only thing left on the schedule was dinner and our nightly meeting. Rosa made a delicious Chicken Alfredo, and Veggie Alfredo for our vegetarians. After beginning our meeting, we summarized the day, talked about our highlights and wants for our trip, and of course gave each other some big love. And us, your Liders del día (Leaders of the day), Azariah and Melanie, passed down the torch onto Ashley and Meg who are going to lead our second CAP day.


Of course our nights never end there. We danced and sang along to a variety of songs, all known around Chicago. And a bit from now, it will be time for lights out and we will get prepared for another amazing and hard working day. Until then, buenas noches, good night, and these are your leaders signing out!!