Hello friends and families!

  Today was free day/CAP shopping day, so we learned how to take care of responsibilities and have time to ourselves at the same time. For the first half of the day (morning) we were able to have an hour of free time. Then for the second half of the day, we had to do CAP shopping for our community action projects. Everybody was able to buy the supplies with the donation money and we have extra to use as a backup or for a mini CAP project. We all put in together to help create the projects we’re doing for Rio Grande. Later on in the day after shopping, we went and taught our students and we’re able to prepare for the talent show coming up. The students have really gotten close to us and we do not want to leave them because they are the highlight of our day.       

  Today as Lider Del Dia I felt that I was loud enough to get everybody’s attention and I was also proud of myself for that. Everybody was listening and we stuck together to hurry and cross the streets safely which was my goal! I wanted to work on commitment and I think I really stuck to that. Something I think I could have done better was tell people to drink more water as we were walking places even though it was hard because everybody went separate ways. I’ve grown from this experience because I have really came out of my shy shell and connected with some of the people. They are really funny and it lights my day because they always keep me going and laughing. As Lider Del Dia I’ve learned so much from the friends that I’ve actually made here. I hope Steven and Melody have the same experience as we passed the torch to them.  -Millesha

My day of being Lider Del Dia was weird. I often forgot my job of doing roll call and saying thank you to the kitchen/chef. Thank you to all of the group members and Millesha for reminding me and helping me along the way. To be honest, I did not feel special as Lider Del Dia. However, I believe I have accomplished my goals which were to be loud and confident. For improvement, I think I should remember to check on the students who do not feel really well more often, and more often to remind the group to drink water. Free day was challenging because Millesha and I could not follow every group, so we couldn’t be with everyone. But, the overall experience as a leader was fresh and interesting to me. I hope the next time I will be on top of myself. -Flora

This trip so far has been the most fun and interesting trip we’ve ever been on. We have so far enjoyed the hiking, swimming, and Immigration day the most. The joyful and meaningful experience was listening to the stories, but also learning and connecting to them. The most challenging part has been communicating because we don’t know Spanish, but we’re learning. We’re looking forward to having fun and enjoying the next five days of our trip.


Your lovely glimpers,

Millesha and Flora