Hey guys, Cindy and Elyse here! Today was another stay-at-home day. We started off with a great breakfast. We had french toast, eggs, and fresh fruit. Since the weather didn’t let us do the activities that we had originally planned, we had to improvise. We decided to have a fun game day and played a competitive hour-long UNO game. We also had a very intense Just Dance battle. Since we were supposed to go on a hike and make our own lunch, we decided to do a gourmet empanada-making activity taught by yours truly Cindy and Elyse. Even our very own chef, Diego, approved of our lunch. After Tania spent 2 hours cooking the empanadas, we enjoyed eating them and spending time with each other. Our very own Taylor and Ruby taught us how to make some really cute friendship bracelets out of string! Since the rain settled down, we went on an adventurous mini-hike through the beautiful Aquiares coffee plantations. The hike was cut short by the rain, and then we got to enjoy a couple of hours of downtime. Once again we had an amazing dinner, this is Cindy’s favorite. We had Chickpea pork soup, rice, and salad. We ended the day with a really fun movie night. We watched Divergent while eating plenty of Costa Rican snacks that we had bought previously from our favorite local spot in Aquiares the mini-mart. Your two favorite LDD’s (leaders of the day) signing off!

Hi, mom and dad (and Andrew I guess). I have had such an amazing trip so far. I miss you all and can’t wait to see what surprise you have left for me when I come home. Love you all! ❤️ Elyse

OMG, I miss my gorditos so much. My mom, dad, and little brothers. Los extraño mucho mucho mucho. Aunque estea distfrutando el viaje, estoy contando los dias para verlos. Los quiero muchisimo! 💕 💕 Cindy A


Me (Elyse) scaring Memo!

The Leaf Cutter Ants working hard. Here’s me (Cindy) teaching everyone how to make empanadas 🥟