Hello everyone, Katia and Joseph here! Updating you guys on our daily adventures here in Nicaragua.

Today we woke up at 7:00 in the morning. Once everyone got ready we gathered ourselves, then headed to Imabite to start our day with a delicious breakfast of Huevos Rancheros and Gallo Pinto, with a refreshing tropical drink. Once we finished our meals we headed to La Estación Market to begin our eye opening day as a local. Once we got to the market we were split into groups of two to help out local vendors to sell various clothing items. With everyone’s unique personalities and special talents we were able to provide additional help as well as the ability to create relationships with local Nicaragüenses. Some examples included glimpsers using their voice to attract customers while others used their sense of humor.

After spending time attracting customers we received a lunch delivery from our favorite place, Imabite! When receiving our lunches we received additional meals to share with our bosses of the day. After living this eye opening experience we returned back to our hostel with new perspectives on life.

Once arriving at the hostal, we hosted one of the members of Barriletes, our partner organization that we are doing our CAP (Community Action Project) with. We had a presentation where the glimpsers got to present their amazing ideas and have the opportunity to ask questions. Once the representative of Barriletes approved our plans, we got the green light to start putting our visions into place. After the CAP presentation we had free time- while many glimpsers went to the internet cafe to talk to their loved ones, others used this time to explore on their own what Leon has to offer. This included shopping for souvenirs and going to an animal shelter.

After we arrived home from free day everyone began to get prepared for the most memorable event of the day- going out to dinner at Cocinarte, a vegetarian restaurant. With everyone leaving the hostel wearing a dress the fun began! There was laughter and happiness in the air- we knew that tonight was going to be a good time. Once arriving at Cocinarte we were welcomed by generosity, the room was lit by candles and upbeat music. The food arrived and it was something amazing! We had a choice between vegetarian Nicaraguan tacos and a vegetarian pita pizza, with our choice of  drink. Throughout dinner, there was laughter and conversations. At the end of our dinner, our beloved global glimpse staff presented us with prizes. The prizes were given due to the outstanding work done during our work day at the market. This included most sales, most flexible, best strategy, and most enthusiastic. The night ended with us even closer than before.

Unfortunately we are having technical difficulties and are unable to upload photos tonight but look forward to some good shot tomorrow!