Simone and JoJo

Peter, Bailey and Jeana Rose

Jeana Rose and Giselle

The boys playing games

Appreciating the LDD

We woke up this morning at the crack of dawn – AKA 6:30- to welcome our second day of CAP. The day started off slow with tired bodies dragging their way to breakfast at Imabite. However, our worn bodies did not keep us down due to a exciting game of WAH! It’s hard to explain just know that it woke us up.

When we got to Las Chavaladas we split up into two groups in order to cover more ground and work more efficiently. One of the groups stayed in the classroom to paint the walls a light blue. The other group worked in the comedor and created a nice ombre sunset for the boys to look at as they eat.

There were some disagreement on how to paint these sites. It became abundantly clear  that we had to combine ideas to make everyone feel like they were contributing. These problem solving skills are just a taste of what we -your children- are learning here in Nicauragua.

We took a break from painitng to have lunch and prepare for English tutoring. The juice was fantastic and the pasta was mouth watering.

After the break, we continued painting, and since we were ahead of schedule, we were able to play with the boys at Las Chavaldas.

At four o’clock we came back to the hostel where we had an hour of free time that people used to shower off the paint and hard work of the day.

We headed to dinner soon after that, where we had another delicious meal at Imabite. Before long it was time to head to English tutoring.

At eight o’clock we headed back to the hostel for our usual nightly meeting and passing of the torch to our new LDDs. (Leaders of the day) One of the new LDDs played the guitar and sang for us, which was beautiful.

All in all, it was a fantastically tiring day, in which we got to know the boys at Las Chavaladas better, and learned more about our capacity to compromise. We became stronger as a team.

Tomorrow we will continue with our final day of CAP, and everyone can’t wait to see our hard work pay off. Till then, it’s lights out for us.

Good night to all from Nicaragua! Much love to our families and friends for reading this blog! Peace!