Hey everybody,

Today was a continuation of the project we began yesterday. We woke up as usual at 7:30 AM, had breakfast, and made it back to the Community Action Project site by 9:00 AM. It was immediately apparent that we were more organized this time. We quickly divided the various tasks of the day and got to work. While some continued to construct the planter boxes, others collaborated with the local students to paint the garbage cans and lay the foundations for a dedicated trash area. After a solid six hours of work, we packed up and went home. We finally had the opportunity to freely explore the streets of Jarabacoa. We split into groups and went out to buy whatever clothes, souvenirs or treats we desired. Although it was tiring, today turned out to be both a fun and productive day. We made major progress on the project and are looking forward to continuing and completing it tomorrow.

We want to thank the various people who helped us today, including the construction workers, the students and staff of Escuela Carlos Manuel Tiburcio, and Welin, who prepares us amazing food everyday. We can’t wait to update you on the events of tomorrow and wish everybody good night.