Today was a busy day. We woke up at 6:30 am, and we got everyone up by 8:00am for breakfast. We had eggs, toast with cheese, and cereal. Then we left at 8:45 am to make our way back to the CAP site, where we continued to dig the trenches to make room for the water pipes. It was a long, sweaty, painful, tiring process, but with help from the locals and a lot of teamwork, WE DID IT!!! As we drove to lunch we saw all the work we accomplished so far.

We took a well-deserved break for lunch and ate really good food!! We had yellow rice with pork, white rice, potato salad, vegetables, tostones, and watermelon. After lunch we went to pick up the water pipes to put them in the trenches, then we made our way back to the CAP site lined up the water pipes, and started connecting them. The locals helped us carry the pipes and then we glued them together. After that, we all grabbed shovels again to put the dirt on top of the pipes to cover them, with much hard work we were almost done with the project!! We ended by 3:30 pm and made our way back to the accommodation and had 3 hours of free time. Everyone got to shower freshen up, and relax. Some of us also went to go get churros and or ice cream.

We had dinner at 7:00 pm. We had mashed potatoes, chicken tenders, fried yuca, salad, and cantaloupe. We had some mango juice along with it. We ended the night with a nightly meeting, where we received feedback from the group and a “plus” from Kevin saying that we did a great job today as the leaders, after which we passed the torch to our next liders del dia (leaders of the day), Divya and Tenzin. We know they’ll do great.

To end this blog, we want to say. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON TUESDAY!!

Buenas Noches!!!! From Kristen & Anamaria