Hello friends and family! Me llamo Hojoon Lee and I was the Leader Del Dia for the day. Today was day eleven of our fourteen days here in Riobamba, Ecuador and today was a day full of lasts.

This morning around 5:30 a couple of us woke up to go on a run with Tony (Skyler, Kelly, Sage, and myself). Then I woke everyone up at 6:45 AM. For breakfast we went to Café Del Tren and had a tamale. After breakfast, I assigned everyone a partner to sit with on the bus on the way to Utopia as well as on the way to lunch. These pairs were assigned to sing a song together and perform these songs at dinner.

When we arrived at Utopia we immediately split off into our groups and started finishing up our projects. The kitchen group finished cleaning the kitchen area and also made a painting of a fork and spoon with all of our hand prints around it along with the words “De nuestras manos a las tuyas” which translates to “From our hands to yours”. The painting group drew Utopia’s logo (a fruit basket) on the wall that they had painted white the other day and spray painted the door white. The backyard group built storage spaces, a shed, and layed concrete in the backyard. Hilda and I shoveled and carried loads of concrete from the front to the backyard in order for the concrete man to flatten it out. We even got to put our handprints in the cement and write “GG RB2A ‘17”. Due to the fact that we had a lot to do, we stayed at Utopia for an extra 40 minutes.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at Roma Santa and ate meat, soup, and white rice. Then we walked back to the hotel and had 20 minutes of free time where most of us got ready for our final English tutoring class. We then walked to Colegio Maldonado and proceeded to teach our kids, teens, and adults. Because today was our last day of teaching, my fellow teacher, Fatima and I made goodie bags for our kids and played lots of games reviewing what we had taught them the past five classes.

Once class ended, we walked on over to the good ol’ Roma Santa and ate Pasta Alfredo made by our wonderful Chef Isabelle. Once most people were done eating, I called the attention of the people and I made every pair from the bus ride sing their songs. We had a fun time listening to the wonderful singing of pop songs, nursery rhymes, and made-up raps.

That was the day. I had a fantastic experience being the Leader of the Day and I have so much love for my team and our Global Glimpse leaders and all the partners we had throughout the trip. Peace out and good night people of America and the world. Please like, subscribe, and comment what you think about our day today!!

P.S. Father, Mother, Younger Sister, Marvin I miss all ya’ll and I can’t wait to show you all the pictures and tell you all the great new memories I’ve made during this trip!

P.P.S. Steves and Connie I also miss you guys a lot and I hope you guys are reading this 🙂