Hello Readers!! This is Georgina and Jennifer, the Leaders of the Day. Today was Day 11, our last CAP (Community Action Project) delivery. Our morning began with a 7:30 am wake-up call. We usually start at 7:00 am but our Leaders thought it was best to get more rest and prepare for our last day. Breakfast began on time and we left for the community at 9:30 am to complete our work from yesterday. As soon as we got there, the community had us wait for the cement glue to connect all pipes. While we waited, we continued to dig up more space to lay the pipes. When the cement arrived, the pipes were connected, laid, and covered. Soon after, Olmedo (the community leader) gathered us up and gave us the privilege of seeing how the river water runs through the pipes. He celebrated with us and congratulated us for the hard work that paid off. We celebrated by going down to the river and experiencing the cold river water and bonding with our peers. Since we finished earlier than expected, we returned to Ranch Ruiseñor. From 1 pm to 5 pm, we had free time and some of us went to the convenience store for some snacks and products. During our Self-Reflection at 5:10 pm, we all experienced heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Despite the weather, we had dinner at 7 pm and we ended our day with karaoke night.

The Question of the Day was, “What have you learned from working with the community? And who is the person you are missing?” When our work was completed, both Leaders understood the amount of effort, effectiveness, and support one needs to make positive change in the life of a community. We learned that the amount of people to make change is important for the long-term goal. There were many people we missed, but for the Leaders, it was mainly family and friends. From Georgina, I missed my mom and sisters so much. Form Jennifer, she misses her family. We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of others and to change our routines to meet higher expectations in our life.  – Jenny and Georgina