Day 11 completed. We did it y’all!!! :-). So our day started off as normal, wake call was at 7 am and breakfast was at 8. After that, we went to the community of Hatillo and begin working until 11. It was a productive and rewarding turnout. We’ve come a long way from CAP day 1. With me (Nia) being a time and safety manager as well as shoving and with Adji pickaxing and gluing the pipes together with the community members; We are very proud to work with this community and work on this project not only as students but as leaders of the day. For me (Adji), I was not into working on the project CAP day 1 but now knowing how much of an impact our work with this community will benefit many families has made me inspired to put in the action. Especially after knowing that many people in the community pay about 200 pesos for clean water monthly and sometimes don’t receive the water they pay for. So this project makes me realize that I should be satisfied with what I have and stop complaining and be grateful. For me (Nia), I feel the same as Adji. I also feel very appreciative to be a part of this project and very happy to do it. I like putting actions to the words and dreams I’ve always talked about supporting those in need. It is an honor to do this work and I hope I can take what I learned from this community and this trip back home with me to make a difference. Now for the rest of the day, after the first session of working we came back to the ranch and had lunch at 12 which was very delicious. Then went back to the community and resumed working until 4. The safety and time manager made sure everyone was okay and checking in; Everyone had laughs and fun with the good music generously given by one of our PCs, Kat. Our PCs were nice to reward us with ice cream after a hard day of work, thank you to them. Adji got the coconut and I got tutti fruity, very refreshing. After that, we came back to the ranch, had a little free time, and did our letters of appreciation. Dinner followed shortly after that along with our nightly meeting. We just want to thank our parents for giving us the space to experience this opportunity in Jarabacoa. Hope you enjoy our blog, gracias!!

PS. To my mommy and everyone else, I love and miss you, see you soon ~ Nia

PPS. to my mom, dad, taty, see you soon, love you all ~ Adji