Hello friends and family!

Today’s activity was: Free Day! The day started off with a 7:30 AM wakeup call and a delicious breakfast provided by the hotel La Primavera. All the Glimpsers got the chance to explore the beautiful city for themselves. We were also given the chance to call and speak with their loved ones. While exploring the city, the Glimpsers got to purchase all sorts of souvenirs whether it was a blanket, a sweater, or even a llama key chain. The souvenirs were full of vibrant colors or symbols that represented Ecuador. This was followed by visiting places like Café Paris where Glimpsers got the chance to try delicious desserts like ice cream and crepes.

What stood out to me the most today was how quiet the city was on a Sunday. I learned how most of the community likes to take the day off. The busiest days in the city are actually Wednesdays and Saturdays. Some key takeaways are learning to be more independent and learning more Spanish to interact with the locals. For example, when Glimpsers had to communicate with store vendors or even with people in the community. Today was definitely a very adventurous and memorable day for Glimpsers.