“In the morning, there is a difference between 5 AM and 5:05 AM”

The importance of this quotes calls upon our own struggles of waking up in the morning. The average person tells themself that all they need is 5 more minutes of rest in order to accumulate enough strength to wake up. In short, we set aside the smallest things believing that they are not important, but what we don’t realize is that a lot can be done within a few minutes. The small things we do in this world DO make a difference.

We, the Glimpsers, were required to rise early in the morning and leave our comfy pillows and cool blankets behind in the place we were staying. We, the Glimpsers, experienced approximately a sixth of the sweat the average person in Nicaragua endures. We, the Glimpsers, faced the fact that on average, a Nicaraguan earns 80% of what Californians make an hour (minimum wage) within a day’s work of 8 hours. Each day we reside as visitors of the developing country of Nicaragua, we are made aware of the hardships men, women, and children face. However, our eyes witness the amount of richness these people live with, because they live their lives with more meaning through a simple yet challenging lifestyle. But don’t think that these people are any different in any way in comparison to the lives we lead. They hope for the best. They strive to accomplish goals, whether short or long term. They work for the betterment of the future. They are, like us.

Each day is another day which reminds us of how humble we should be because we are privileged, we are loved, and we are supported. This experience is truly something that can be only understood through action, not words – hence the saying.

Families, relatives, friends, significant others, and acquaintances of the team of Matagalpa 1A, we are safe. BIG LOVE to all!