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Hey guys! My name is Rowen, and today I was El Lider del Dia (leader of the day). Today was another fun-filled adventure, with activities ranging from immersing ourselves into the daily lives of local vendors to presenting our CAP (Community Action Project) ideas to the Las Prusias school administrators. One specific event that will be memorable for me today was scaling freshly caught fish to be sold in the market. Although this was my first time scaling a fish ever in my life (including using a spoon to do so to my best advantage), I eventually got the hang of it with the help of Sonia, my generous and patient host vendor. Working at the market definitely changed my perspective on local enterprises while also showing me how to successfully sell a product: convince others why they should buy it by showing what need it meets.

Shortly after our busy and productive morning at the marketplace, we Glimpsers headed to the hardware store close to our hostel, where we budgeted the cost of our projected supplies needed for our CAP presentation. After finding out what we could, we headed back to the hostel to prepare for our big reveals to the Las Prusias school administrators. Each group presentation directly addressed three problems at La Escuela de Las Prusias, as well as how to repair and renovate them: Group 1 proposed the renovation of the school bathroom doors and roof, Group 2 elaborated on the restoration of the basketball and football field, and Group 3 presented a plan of refurnishing the school desks. The administrators had a tough time figuring out which group idea to choose as the primary focus, but a final decision was made to be our main Community Action Project. To celebrate, we went out for ice cream after another delicious dinner at Don Carlo’s diner. Tune into the next few blogs to find out the big reveal!