Hello Everyone! Our names are Maria Perez and Elizabeth Ly. Today was Working Like a Local Day and as Lideres Del Dia, we started off our first task of the day by waking up our fellow glimpsers at 7:00 am. A couple of students made this task easier since they were awake already and trying pupusas made by our friend Carlos. After everyone finished getting ready for the day, we walked to Comedor Imabite, the usual restaurant where we eat. Then we walked approximately five blocks from the restaurant to Santos Barcenas Market. The group was separated into pairs to complete today’s task of working as a local. Our task of the day was to help sell merchandise from vendors at the Santos Barcenas Market. To motivate the glimpsers, Nancy and Noel announced a friendly competition to see which pair can help sell the most products from the vendors we are assigned to. Some of the things that we were selling included shoes, shirts, jeans, and candy.

Blog - day 11.3 (small)A very surprising thing that we noticed was the way the vendors would get their prospective customers. The vendors grabbed their wrist and pull them into their shop to persuade them to buy their merchandise. There was an awkward atmosphere between the vendors and the glimpsers when we arrived at the market. Due to the language barrier, it was challenging to communicate to prospective customers in a way that would attract them to take a look at the vendor’s booth. We observed how diligently our peers tried to overcome this through simple actions that included creating a poster and holding up clothes as people passed by.

After working for two hours, we concluded today’s reality challenging and enjoyed lunch at the market with the vendors we worked with. Then we walked back to the hostel and started prepping for English tutoring, as well as having our CAP meeting to prepare for the first day of our project on Monday. We were given two hours of free time to relax, call home, go to the internet cafe, buy souvenirs, and explore Leon after the tiring morning. We held a early nightly meeting at 5 pm and head onto dinner at the Comedor Imabite an hour after. Afterwards, there was more free time to relax, socialize, and get ready for bed because we’ll be Volcano boarding tomorrow.

To sum it up, we are very proud of everyone for taking part of today’s events and making every moment as enjoyable as possible.    

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