Hello everyone! Tatiana here as your leader of the day!

Today we all woke up at 7 A.M. to prepare for an eventful day full of teamwork. When everyone was ready we took our usual morning walk to Imabite for an amazing breakfast of Gallo Pinto with Repochetas. After, we came back to our hostel and got energized with a game of Agree or Disagree for our program seminar that was led by Molly to get us started on our letters of appreciation to our supporters.


In order to gather the necessary materials for our Community Action Project, the delegation split into two groups. One group went shopping for painting materials such as black tarp and brushes while the other shopped for construction materials such as tiles, a toilet, and a shower head. The group of people who went shopping for painting materials were done before those who bought construction materials so therefore we had our usual buffet lunch in two separate groups which felt very weird because we’ve gotten used to spending almost every minute together.


Once we all gathered back together as one to the hostel we got together with our other English teachers to prepare for another night full of tutoring. Then we packed all of our supplies on the bus and headed to Barriletes where our Community Action Project is taking place. As soon as we arrived to Barriletes we immediately unpacked and got straight to work. Some of us were helping to bring alive a bathroom we are planning on making, while others were helping repaint walls and murals, and others of us were helping to keep all the kids entertained by helping them with their work.


After spending about 3 hours working on our first day of our Community Action Project we headed back to the hostel where we gathered all of our English tutoring materials and went to Imabite to enjoy yet another wonderful meal of dinner. When everyone was done with their white rice, chicken, and salad we took a walk to English tutoring where the halls were full of very loud talking and laughter.


When we got back to the hostel we had our usual nightly meeting where I passed the torch to our next leader of the day (Sydney!) after everyone was literally crying of laughter at her talent of being able to communicate with aliens through an aluminum foil cap. The meeting was ended by our unity clap led by Sydney with the word “escalera” which means “ladder” in Spanish. We ended our night with laughter and snacks which has also become a usual ritual. Thank you for reading todays of Leon 2’s daily blogs! We all send love to our family and friends!