¡Trabajando duro (working hard)!

Our final CAP day has come to an end. After endless ant bites and seeing beautiful insects, we have made huge progress for the kids. They will soon get to have a soda (mini store), changing rooms, and a bathroom. Starting the day off with a delicious breakfast and very good coffee, we headed over to the Aquiares School, a 5 minute walk from our hostel. As soon as we entered the school we were ready to get it going, a group of 5 helped carry the gravel into a wheelbarrow. We started off with 3 full carts of gravel then moved to 2 of tiny rocks. We placed both the rocks and gravel into the dirt next to the holes where the concrete pillars were going to be placed so that transporting it into the holes was much easier. After mixing both, cement and water was added to make a cement paste that later would harden into concrete.

As time went by, we had others work on cleaning the holes since dirt and water went in from last nights rain, then came the hard part transporting the 50+ pound concrete slabs from outside the fence and around the school, to inside where we were working. Luckily, there was a hole under the fence where the slabs were able to fit, 25 slabs later lunch came! The team and I had delicious rice along with sopa de pollo (chicken soup), then rested for 45 minutes.

Back to work we went. Next up were the concrete pillars– the heaviest of all. This time, we walked around since these were more delicate and big. Up to 9 people were needed to carry the pillars one by one. As we brought in the pillars, we had people place them in the hole so that they can support the walls (slabs). After placing the pillars we added the cement paste into the hole so that the pillars would stay in place. As the day came to an end we ended up with a total of 6 pillars and 10 slabs placed making the main wall and the side wall.

As our journey comes to an end I would like to give a special thanks to all 4 leaders: Lauren, Memo, Sonia, and Wade. Our cooks, Diego, Aurelio, and Rosalba. Our Guest Speakers, Carla, Jorge, Yanory, Rolando, Reina and Danny. Our host family, Doña Norma and Don Antonio. Lastly, our guide through all 3 CAP (Community Action Project) days, Omar. Our knowledge and adventures all come from them. They allowed us to make memories, experience more to life. and influenced us to make delicious meals back home. Our decisions can make changes that can mean so much to others. ¡PURA VIDA!