Hello everyone! It’s Jessica and Jacqui, the Liders del Dia! Today was a busy day full of accomplishments . First, we continued our CAP projects at Barrilete. All the groups did an amazing job with completing each goal we had set in the beginning of the week. Jacqui and I were apart of assembling the benches, which came out nicely painted and colorful. The benches will provide a stable learning environment now that they have a place to sit and feel comfortable. Another project was making curtains to provide shade for the children. With the help of Abril’s sewing skills, we were able to create pockets for wood to weigh down the curtain. The curtains were beautifully designed by Rachel Klemm with kites and ” Barrilete”. With the help of Loren, Zowy, and Abril, the execution of the design was truly brought out. The curtains were successfully hung and appreciated by the children of Barrilete. Aside from successfully hanging the colorful curtain and assembling and painting the benches, we were also able to complete the painting of the dorm upstairs. The dorm upstairs was painted with an “Under the Sea” theme. We can spot some beautiful fishes like some clown fish and some sea horses. Job well done to Julia, Jazmine, Samantha, Chelsea, Deborah,  Diana, and Brian for painting the room. With some time and wood left over, we were able to construct some cubbies. Javier, Steven. Viet were able to construct the cubbies with the help of Lucia and Eric’s sanding. The cubbies will provide a great area of storage for the children sleeping in the “Under the Sea” painted room. We were also able to repaint the playgrounds of Barrilete, the children were obsessed with the blue, or as they say Azul. We would like to thank the Anonymous donor for  their donation to Maria and the children of Barrilete so they can use it towards their facility needs. We celebrated with a piñata that was filled with candy for all the children and the Glimpser’s hard work.

After finishing our CAP projects, we went out to celebrate at Paz de Luna, an amazing restaurant, that serve some amazing nutella crêpes and chicken quesadillas ! We headed out to our final day of English tutoring. The first hour we spent with our classes, and the second hour we had a talent show, filled with dancing, singing, beat boxing, and magic tricks. We were all in awe with our students amazing performances. One of the students taught Kiki and Steven some merrenge, for sure we saw some talent up there. We also had some special performances by Anna, Loren, and Zowy.  It was hard to say goodbye to our students, despite only teaching them for a week and a half. Not only did they learn from us, but we were able to learn from them and their Nicaraguan culture.

Today was a stellar day! We are one day closer to coming home to all over you guys, everyone sends their “Hello’s” and “I love you’s”.  Can’t wait to see all of you in three days!!!❤️❤️❤️