Today we started with an early wake up call at 7:00 am, ate breakfast, then left to go work on our CAP (Community Action Project) project. Today we painted all 4 plant beds in the scorching sun (Don’t worry we wore sunscreen). We also made the signs for the trashcans that the art group of Rubi, Celina, Jennifer S, Ivana, Roxanna, and Jade painted with the school children. Next, we filled two plant beds with gravel and soil before the loud thunder-some storm took over the entire island. Just kidding! But it was a big, loud, mean storm that didn’t allow us to finish our project. However, we got more than 99.999% of our project completed. After a long days work we took the wild savanna safari bus back to our hostel and took turns showering before the roofs began self destructing. Water flooded the entire facility!! Just kidding but there were a few leaks and REALLY bad toilet clogs. (*cough cough* boys *cough cough*). Anyways, the day went well and we can’t wait to be home soon! We miss you all so much. With our last full day in Jarabacoa, we’ll make it count!

(Rubi, Erika and I had such a fun time writing this along with Jennifer T.)