Today was the third and final day of our Community Action Project (CAP), and the twelfth day of the trip. We started off the day bright and early at 6 am with a wolf spider’s visit in the girls’ upstairs bedroom. Valiantly, our bug superheroine, Anabelle saved us all and brought it outside (thank you, Anabelle). For breakfast, we had eggs and gallo pinto. After breakfast, we headed over to the local primary school where we’ve been working at. Once we completed our morning stretches and the “five things in common” game, we got to work on the fence. The goal was to make sure that we painted the fence thoroughly and that we did a good job of doing so. While working, Daniel, one of the Global Glimpse program coordinators, played music with the help of everyone’s suggestions. This helped motivate us to get the job done. During our breaks, we were given watermelon for our snack (the bees were really attracted to the “sandia“).

After a few hours of painting, weeding, and scraping rust off of the fence, we finally had lunch (which our group had been looking forward to). For lunch, we had beans, rice, and salad at the school. During lunch, everyone chatted, laughed, and recounted memories at their table. After everyone was done eating, we cleaned up and we went back to work.

Around 3:30 pm, we washed our paint brushes and picked up the paint buckets to wrap up the day’s work. We also did a trash sweep of the schoolyard. Then, we wrote a card thanking the school for giving us the chance to serve their community. Next, we headed to the nearby supermarket to buy snacks for the night, the long flights, and to bring back home to our families. Once we were content with our hauls, we got a chance to visit the host families we spent time with earlier in the week on Community Day. Many heartwarming reunions occurred. It was also sprinkling a little bit towards the end of the walk back home.

When we returned to the base house, it was time to pack for our journey back home. We then spent our free time hanging out with our friends; playing games, journaling, and reading. During that time, we witnessed a beautiful rainbow and pink sunset (which we haven’t seen here before). After that beautiful moment, at 6 pm, we had dinner that consisted of chicken stew, rice, and salad. We then had our nightly meeting at 7 pm. To end our stay at the base house in Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, we had a bonfire with ambient fairy lights and nice music. Lastly, some of us got the chance to call our loved ones back home.