Today was a challenging day. The night before, we experienced two members of our group who were diagnosed with the mosquito virus Chikungunya (they are recovered now) but it worried everybody. Because of how worried everybody was, Global Glimpse had their Executive Director Eliza and the founder of Global Glimpse Abbas come from San Juan Dominican Republic to support us. We didn’t know what to expect from them at first, but one thing I really admired from them was that they took us to a restaurant with a dining “conference” room; where they let every single student express how they were truly feeling about this situation. What surprised me the most was that Eliza and Abbas got to give us the chance to come to an agreement with what we needed to feel safer at the Fundacion,  where we were living. Ways to prevent mosquito bites and not get sick from the virus.  I am really proud about how my peers spoke with such articulate words and expressed their feelings. The most inspiring people that day were Michelle and Sarah. They explained how this program is all about Compassion, Commitment, and Courage and we all needed to demonstrate those qualities and walk the talk.

I like how almost everything is back to normal and we feel safer, making me still want to finish strong here at Bonao and leave my positive footprint here. Today was filled with ups and downs, but I feel like the group and Global Glimpse staff came together and we are excited to finish the final week of our program.