Hello everyone!

Today we woke up at 7:30 to a very energetic knock. Diego cooked us a delicious breakfast of gallo pinto, eggs, bread, and sour cream. We left a few minutes late at 8:54 to go meet with our adopted families for the day. We were in four groups.


Stephanie, Grace, Raul, and I were with Amalia, who first took us to her photo shoot at the church. Amalia has been the Coffee Queen of her town for three years in a row, so she was taking photos to celebrate her victory. After, we went back to her house and played a game of Rummy-Q with her daughter, Josephine. Then Amalia cooked us lunch, which was chicken, rice, beans, and salad. Then, we played some more board games and made empanadas with Turrialba cheese and masa. We mixed the masa with water to make the dough, and then placed grated cheese in the dough and folded and fried it. While eating our empanadas, we played more board games. At four, we met up with the other groups to head back to the hotel.

Another group was with Dylan, who is another community member. First, they watched Spanish cartoons, then they went to his mom’s house for lunch, which was a spicy corn soup with beef and caz (sour guava). Then they made empanadas on a wood stove, then they sat with an exchange student from Finland named Julia and played guessing games.

Another group was with Francisco. He first took them to his house and introduced them to his family. He took them on a tour of the town, and they went up to the soccer field where they watched a game between Turrialba and Aquiares. Aquiares won. Then they went back to his house for lunch, which was fish with rice, mashed potatoes, and rice pudding. They played Uno, dominoes, bingo, and made empanadas and coffee. Then more of Francisco’s family came and they played more games. They all went down to play basketball with people from the community.

The final group was a local baker and her husband and children. They made cookies and cupcakes. Then they made lunch, which was rice, chicken, potatoes, and salad. During lunch, they played instruments and sang. After lunch, they made bracelets and empanadas and watched a vampire movie in Spanish with English subtitles.

At the hotel, we wrote letters of appreciation to the Global Glimpse donors. Then we had dinner, which was rice, beans, salad, and chips. Now everyone is out on the porch listening to music for our second to last night together.

P.S. I taught a bunch of people Rat Slap at lunch. I won. 🙂

P.P.S Hi mom and dad! I’m sure you’re reading this and pointing out the grammatical errors to each other. Love you!