Hi everyone! It’s your LDD’s (Leaders of the Day) Ruby and Ava. Today we woke up at 7 a.m. and headed to breakfast where we had delicious pancakes, eggs, and fruit made by our chefs Rosa and Diego. At 8 we headed to the local school to clean up our CAP project site while the weather was on our side. At 10 we headed back to Casa Aquiares and had some downtime before a seminar about Environmental Justice at 11 led by our lovely PC(program coordinator) Sonia. We took a break for lunch at 12 which was rice with steak, beans, and salad. After lunch, we returned to the seminar where we watched a documentary named The Goose with the Golden Egg. We had about 45 minutes of downtime before our guest speaker Fofo came and gave a presentation about Environmental Justice, Sustainability, and Tourism. We did an activity where we split into 3 groups, government, locals, and foreigners coming in to build a luxury resort on wetlands. The government, Elyse, Catherine, Jacob, Zavier, and Ruby decided to side with the locals, Taylor, JJ, Nevaeh, Tayne, Lily, and Ava, and said no to the hotel. Some people went on a walk and went down to the basketball courts to play with some local kids. At 6:30 we had dinner which was pork, potatoes, and salad. After our nightly meeting, around 8, we had a bonfire to celebrate the Fourth of July and had s’mores, listened to music including Mamma Mia and Camp Rock, and ended the night in bed at 10:30.

Can’t wait to see you in a few days! I miss you and love you- Ava

Hi Mom and Dad, see you guys soon! – Ruby