Hello family and friends!

Today was a free day. For breakfast, we ate pancakes, strawberries and bananas, boiled eggs, lemon tea, and coffee. After breakfast, each group went out onto the streets of Riobamba. We had to travel in groups of at least four people and it was recommended that we have at least one Spanish speaker in the group.

Today, I (Angel) attempted to go to the basketball court at Colegio Nacional Maldonado, but we could not get in because it was closed. Instead, we went to a basketball court at Parque de la Barriga where we had a two-on-two tournament. It was really fun! Others went to markets where they bought souvenirs to bring back for their families such as keychains, magnets, cuys, and llamas!

For lunch, some people had Isabel’s chicken and rice. Others went to restaurants they wanted to try. After lunch, some students went to the Museum of Natural Sciences where they were able to see creepy animals and unique animals from Ecuador. They also saw a mummy of a person that was dead for over 200 years! Some of the girls were able to do some of the guys’ nails. They bought ice cream and frozen yogurt.

For dinner, I (Izaiah) got to announce the dishes we were eating in Spanish, which were pizza and salad, and cinnamon tea. We ended the night with a great dance party for our last night in Ecuador where Corlin showed off his dance moves and did two splits! After dinner, we got back to our hotel and did the nightly meeting where me and Angel got to pass the torch to Shiloh and Saabriah. We are currently watching a movie and packing. Everyone can’t wait to see their families in two days!!

Izaiah and Angel