Today was a blast as we had a whole free day to ourselves as we came near the end of this trip. We have been making all the memories that we’re able to during these past 12 days which passed by like a flash. Starting off the day, we gained an entire extra hour of extra sleep giving us a chance to sleep in after completing our Delegations segment of the Community Action Project.

We ate breakfast and had a little more than three hours of free time until it was time to eat lunch. Soon after eating lunch, we went on an adventure into the town. We split up into two groups to buy remaining gifts for our loved ones and our last stop at the grocery store for snacks. We went to two shops that sold bracelets, necklaces, glasses, etc. After having a group discussion we decided to go to another store that was two stories and so many options for us to choose from to buy. James chose two plastic milk cartoons even though he is lactose intolerant! Once we finished shopping we headed back to the ranch and had more free time! We played cards, talked to our heart’s content, and made lasting memories to stay with us.

Finally, the time for dinner came and we explained what was for dinner, made a model plate, and then after had our conversations, took pictures to keep with us and shared words of appreciation.

Question of the day: What does responsibility look like to you?

As leaders of the day this was a very important word for me (Anyza). I believe responsibility means for you to take on specific tasks that you know you will get done and also for you to not just give up right away when things begin to get rough. This is the meaning that I kept in mind during the whole day.

“I would like to say that having a first-hand experience of leading such a group of people like my friends, I learned that having your foot down but not too firmly where you’re just commanding but just enough to where you don’t get toppled over can, can a lot as you can either be as sharp and rigid like a rock, loose and fluffy like a cloud, or you can just be both in a sense of having a smooth flow but being able to pull people in and direct them in a direction.” -James

Only one more full day left sadly. The days we have experienced will forever stay with us, stay in our minds, hearts, and memories. Soon, the coming days in our near future will have a lasting effect as we hope we did to the people we accompanied and interacted with.

LDDs signing out!!!