Hello family and friends,

My name is Karen Huynh and I was Leader Del Dia today! So we started off the day waking up at 8:00am and having breakfast at Café del Tren. Since today is a free day that also means laundry day. It was great to have a free day after working so hard on our CAP project and being able to relax and explore the city of Riobamba. After giving our clothes to get washed we decided to plan out the places we were going to visit.

We were split into three groups and most of us went to Plaza Roja which is basically a huge area where we get to purchase traditional pieces such as ponchos, shoes, bracelets, key chains, and headbands for really great prices. Some of the popular purchases are ponchos and bracelets. They are honestly so beautiful and definitely has that homemade feel. Later on some of us went to a coffee shop called Café Paris. A lot of us order fraps and they were tasty. Then going back to the hotel, Tren Dorado we took some time off and got ready for lunch at Roma Santa.

We then walked back to Tren Dorado and planed out the places we were going to visit in the afternoon. Many people went to small cheap markets to get snacks, cool sunglasses and random little things. One of the highlights in the afternoon was being able to get boba with our leadership coach, Ricardo Salgado. I have been craving boba for the longest time and finally I was able to try it in Ecuador. It was actually pretty good but, of course, the Bay Area has such great boba places. Some of us tried crepes and pizza in a cone. Others went to the internet café to talk to their families and friends back home. This was was very sweet and nice to see. Dinner was at Roma Santa and and we had a great time since we played Guitar Hero and WWE. We had lots of laughs and great music.

To end the day, we wrote letters to our Global Glimpse supporters to show our appreciation for giving us the opportunity to explore and learn about Ecuador!!

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