Hi everyone! This is Sandra Orozco reporting live from Estelí, Nicaragua. First of all, we want to thank you for your lovely comments.  We love reading your comments and good wishes. All of us appreciate it a lot and it brings joy to all of us.

The theme for today was Global Business. This day began with a wakeup call at 7 AM. We had breakfast consisting of eggs, beans, and a bread. We drank a delicious dragon fruit juice. While we were eating, our laundry was picked up for washing. This meant (for most of us) clean clothes and no more wearing dirty underwear. After breakfast, we had an educational seminar involving our theme of the day Global Business. The seminar was directed by our GG leaders, Tony and Coach Troy. We read an article titled Farmworkers Left Behind: The Human Cost of Coffee Production by Miguel Zamora. This article brought up the ideas of the house condition, working condition, pay salary, and children in the fields. Most business do not consider their workers. In the same way, in our society one does not stop and consider where our products come from and who made them. It is important that one knows where are products come from. However, as one of the glimpser said ignorance is bliss and when one does not know where our products come from one does not have the obligation to act upon the problem.

Once finished with the academic seminar, we hoped on the bus and directed ourselves to Casa de Alegria, a growing tobacco company. At 10:15 we arrived to Ralf’s house, the owner of the company. He is a very welcoming man. Ralf gave us coffee and talked to us about his business. He gave us a tour of his company made up of 6 people. He told us how he is a growing company. He exports his cigars to multiple parts of Germany and Europe. He makes around 30 to 40,000 cigars a month. Some of the Glimpsers had the opportunity to make a cigar. It was really interesting. He mentioned how his cigars are organic but not necessarily healthy. The tobacco used does not contain any chemicals or pesticides.The glue used is made out of plants and it is non-toxic. When the tour concluded, we gave him a gift. The gift was a chiaman, which is a traditional symbol here in Nicaragua. We came to the Hotel Chico before 12:30pm and had lunch. Our lunch consists of chicken, rice, a salad, and plantain. We drank delicious mango juice. At 1:30pm we planned our English tutoring classes. When 3:15pm rolled around we started to get organized and bought our materials for our CAP project. We will paint a wall at an elementary school.  We will also paint a mural and paint the basketball court. We are all super exited for it. We figure out what exactly we needed for our projects and Coach Troy came with us and bought the materials we needed with the money we recollected. That took us all day and by the time 5 o’clock rolled around, we were eating a quesillo which is like a burrito and a quesadilla. At 6:00pm we were heading out to our classes. We are all super happy when this time of the day come around because we enjoy teaching. We came back around 8:05 and started our nightly meeting. I passed the torch to Suzanna and Nova. They are the new leaders of the day.

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting in our blogs. I hope you all continue doing so! Rega if you are reading this, we all miss you. We still have you in our head count. #Regastaystrong

Good Night everyone!

Buenas Noches a todos!

Sandra Orozco

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