Hi, I’m Nivedha and I am a part of the first group ever to go on a Global Glimpse trip at my school, Mission San Jose HS. So far it’s been an AMAZING experience and I will have great stories for the next group of Glimpsers from my school. I chose to be leader of the day for Global Business day because I am interested in the workings of local industries and how they impact that of other counties.

Today, we woke up at 7am and headed to our comedor as usual to have breakfast. We came back and had a Global Business seminar (one of the last official seminars we will be having). After that we got ready for our field trip to Salinsa, the largest salt factory in Nicaragua. We learned about salt production and how it was one of the biggest industries here, along with coffee. We headed to the pools where they keep the ocean water to evaporate for salt, and got to walk on some salt beds. It reminded us of snow, and we played around on the salt bed a bit, having running races and taking fun pictures.  In the salt factory, we saw the processes of purifying the salt from the salt beds, and got to fill up a bag of salt each to take home. Some of us even  came up with clever names for our little salt bags. After heading back to the comedor for lunch, we had a business activity in which the group was split into three and tasked to come up with a business and a plan to present to the rest of the group. It sparked some pretty interesting discussion between the three groups.


After the last business related activity of the day, we were free to further explore the city for 4 hours. Some of us went to the internet café, some to the supermarket to pick up some snacks, and some who stayed back to jam to some music, play cards, and take naps on our beloved hammock. Dinner was a pleasant change today, as we went to a quaint restaurant located a 20min walk from our hostel to have what everyone had been waiting for for a long time…………pizza! After dinner, the group walked back to the hostel happily after a long needed taste of home for our nightly meeting and to get ready for the best event of the day, a trip to the discoteca. We had a lot of fun dancing and experiencing how the locals spend their Saturday nights. Judith taught us how to salsa and although we still had no idea what we were doing, we all still had a lot of fun. We headed home around midnight, extremely tired and ready for the free day to rest and relax.


Until next time!