Hi guys it’s Liv and Corey!!!

Today was our day to be leaders of the day, but today was an extra special day because it was Corey’s birthday! We woke everyone up with a little music (I guess one could say that we took them to FunkyTown).

Our breakfast was cut short because we were blessed by some extraordinary guests. Our delegation went from 18 people to 49 people because generous donors from some of Global Glimpse’s partner corporations and GG executives joined us to help complete our Community Action Project. Before we left, we did an icebreaker activity altogether to get to know each other.

Afterwards, we headed over to the work site on the Safari, with our new companions following on their own bus. Unfortunately, they got a little lost on the way there and we had to make a slight detour. Once we all got there, we made pairs with a student and an adult, who then decided together which task they wanted to work on. We shoveled dirt, carried plots of grass, painted trash cans, and pre-visualized the design for our garden.

Around noon we took our lunch break and headed back to La Salle with everyone who had worked that morning, including students from the local university. After washing lots of dishes, our groups separated and we headed back to the work site without the GG executives. We quickly finished up the work, planting shrubbery and bamboo stalks. Once the work was completed we did our Big Love with the Plan Yaque staff and the students from the local university that we’ve been working with for the past couple of days. We headed back home to La Salle for a surprise birthday celebration for Corey with cake and dancing.

Then we had a quick group self reflection and freshened up for dinner. Our dinner guests (the GG execs and donors) were a little late to the party, but after everyone was fed we started our nightly meeting. Lots of big love was shared and we passed the torch to tomorrow’s leaders of the day. Before our guests departed we had a brief dance party where we shared lots of laughs and danced lots of bachata. However, the party continued after our guests left. We danced the night away and got ready for our extended bedtime at eleven. Overall, today was a great day but it was a very physically exerting day. 

Thank you to our loyal readers, we love you and good night.


Liv and Corey