Today was one of the most difficult days that we’ve faced in our tenure here in Granada, Nicaragua. During our time at La Inmaculada School, we made sure that teamwork was our main strategy. One of our primary goals for today was to be able to provide the students with a safe environment. We painted the outsides of a classroom to enhance the appearance of the building as well as give students pride in their school. We also crafted cement and used it to renovate the playground. To prove the difficulty of the project, our delegation was aided by locals from Las Prusias due to the excessive amount of work that was needed to be done in such a short amount of time. Even though the locals had a big part in our project, the delegation’s work should not be overlooked. One hardship we faced today was dealing with the cement. The group renovating the playground had to combine a mixture of rocks, sand, and dirt in order to create cement to place on the ground. This may sound easy, but many of the glimpsers had to do this while it was raining. However, the weather did not stop us from getting the job done. Although we were tired, we all enjoyed our break and ate a lovely lunch of pasta and chicken covered in mayonnaise. After a long day of working hard at the school, we returned to the hostel where we prepared for English class. Unfortunately, today was the last day of teaching English to our students. Many of the glimpsers were saddened by this, but they were glad to have the opportunity to be allowed to teach Nicaraguan students English. As a result of today, we learned that sometimes not everything goes as planned and you have to work around things in order to get the job done.