Hi families, friends, and our Global Glimpse supporters,

I am so super honored to be your last LDD, and you can trust I will never forget this day as long as I live. This group made my job incredibly easy and I have nothing but positive reviews.

We started this day off at 7 where I went and woke up the other girls bunk and later the boys. I was very biased as to how I woke up the girls in my bunk because we were so used to being woken gently. Later we had breakfast at 8 am, where we indulged in our delicious mango and cereal. The group stayed together most of the time because we were taking advantage of our last day, so getting together for our program seminar at 9 was effortless. Here, we had two and a half hours of our final reflection, lots of big love, and many touching messages. After our impactful meeting, we had lunch which everyone enjoyed thankfully. After lunch, we all prepared our E-tickets and had to fill out our closing, end-of-program surveys. We actually could not leave for the waterfall until everyone finished them up. We later left for this beautiful waterfall that we almost were not let in to, but thankfully we were let down steep stairs for to take pictures. We did not get to have one last freshwater swim but the boys were able to do so in the pool when we got back to the ranch right after.

As we were getting ready for dinner, the vibe was looking very casual until Joshua, our New Yorker, had to show out his best fit, forcing us all to match his energy. We headed to dinner at a restuarant where we had some amazing pizzas we all shared. Here we celebrated Heather’s accomplishment of Teacher of the Year in her district, congrats once more. After dinner, we enjoyed our last bus ride with amazing songs (thanks forever to Kat for the speaker again), and tried not to cry as we took our last pictures there. When we got back to the ranch we went straight to our last nightly meeting where I was showered with compliments for being the only person to be alone as LDD. My peers were super appreciative of my work and I could not be more grateful for the group I was put into.

As we finished our last Big Love and unity clap, (the word we chose was “familia“, very fitting I would say), we started to migrate into the kitchen for our last night of karaoke. Josue and I had been wanting to do a Ferxxo song, a shoutout to anyone who knows him, but we only had time to fit in three songs before bedtime. As a group, we all decided onĀ Rather Be by Jess Glynne and Clean Bandit, as it had somehow become our anthem on this trip. The ending of this night felt like a series finale episode that truly made me feel like there was no place I would rather be.

Coming into this trip, I was very nervous about being left out, or if the Boston girls would be excluded from the group, but this class of students could not have been a better fit for us. I can proudly say that I now have a new outlook on people from L.A., and my heart will forever be stamped with the marks of the people on this trip. I will miss everyone dearly, and this has been your last LDD, Dayana, signing off