Hello everyone!

Today we woke up at 8:00 to the sound of banging pots and pans. At 8:30, Diego cooked us an appetizing breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and ham. Post breakfast, the group proceeded to pack their bags for their early flight the next day.

A few of the students headed to the market alongside Mr. Hunter to acquire some snacks for the flight. While walking to the market, the students held hands singing classic Frozen songs like Do You Want To Build A Snowman and Let It Go. Once the packing was finished, the group joined for lunch at 12.

Diego had prepared white rice, black beans, cod, and plantains, but for thoses who had fish allergies a slab of pork chops were offered. The lunch was delicious yet the group was sad knowing this would be the last lunch Diego would cook for the trip. Once lunch was finished, down time began.

Those who hadn’t finished packing did so to the tune of Disney music. Another portion of the group gained access to Memo’s paint where they listened to early 2000’s boy bands and painted. Some painted flowers on to the arms of others while some created Larry. Larry is a medium sized rocked painted yellow with a brown smiley face. Once Memo returns from dropping the group off at the airport, Larry will be gifted to La Escuela de Aquiares (The School of Aquiares). Once 2 o’clock hit, the students gathered for reflection time.

Once all the students gathered in the dining room, we began to reflect. The students were given 4 questions by the GGL which they looked backed on the 14 days for inspiration. After 20 minutes of sharing in four small groups, the whole group reconvened where they shared the details of their conversations. After that, we did an activity where we stood in a circle and had everyone close their eyes. Sonia would then pick someone at random to share their feelings about certain statements.

Following that, we did an activity where everyone had to write their name in the center of the piece of paper and pass it around to everyone where they wrote positive messages shouting out the specific person. The group then shared their Big Love and were then dismissed for free time.

We had a fancy dinner where everyone wore their nicest clothes. At the last passing of the torch, Ms. Jimenez shared her talent and showed a slideshow with pictures from our trip.

We gave a final farewell to Sonia who would not be leaving with us in the morning. Currently, it is after 9 o’clock and it is bedtime for us all. See you guys at Newark Airport tomorrow!