To kick off the start of the day, we woke up early in the morning at 7:00 am to then had breakfast at 8:00 am. We modeled our breakfast plate with scrambled eggs, pancakes with syrup, papaya juice, pineapple, and milk to finish soon after. We all gathered in our gazebo near the main area and emerged into visualizations of our trip. We did a closing trip reflection where we sat down and drew visuals of our most significant moments throughout our journey in Jarabacoa. Everyone shared things we will Stop doing, Start doing, and Continue doing, signifying our growth as leaders these past two weeks. These exercises allowed us to reflect on our greatest lessons and inspirations. After we began to review these highlights of our Global Glimpse trip, we indulged in a more emotional exercise where we anonymously touched our peers’ shoulders according to specific prompts. For example, one group sat in a circle as others walked around and touched the glimpsers’ shoulders to prompts such as “touch someone’s shoulder who you could consider a brother/sister” and so on. As our final activity, we passed around BIG LOVE Shout Out Sheets where we wrote our names on a piece of paper for everyone to write heartwarming comments. Everyone was given a chance to voice how they feel about one another anonymously until the “Open Mic” activity where we could verbally share our appreciation. Many people discussed how pessimistic they were before going on this trip, but ended up feeling much happier and satisfied with their unforeseen friendships. This concluded our Self Reflection Seminar, in which we then moved on to lunch. After we finished eating, people began to gather their swimwear and towels to head over to the Special Field Trip to a waterfall!

As we got down from the safari truck, we began to hike down to the waterfall which was a beautiful sight. We put down all our backpacks in a sandy area and got into the water. A highlight was that some of our group started interacting and dancing with the locals. Another group of people played volleyball with the locals and formed teams. Some people went directly under the waterfall, whereas others sat on the rocks and conversed with each other. We left very satisfied having experienced the beauty of the waterfall and the fun of playing with the locals. Once we were back at Rancho Ruisenor we had time to freshen up for our next activity which was the special dinner. Most people showered and changed, while others finished packing for the flight the next day.

Once we arrived at the pizza restaurant we got seated and ordered our drinks and food. The majority of the group ate pizza, while those who had dietary restrictions were accommodated. There was vegetable, pepperoni, and cheese pizza served with Coca-Cola and juice. Near the end, we were surprised with dessert — chocolate cake with cherries, which everyone gladly enjoyed. As we headed to the safari truck to head back to the ranch, some people took photos of the people in our group who were taking the leftover Coca cola bottles back to the ranch. We closed off the day with our last nightly meeting of the trip and told a brief summary of the day. We ended the meeting with many appreciations towards the group along with our final unity clap which the word for was: HOME!

We are all preparing for a smooth and safe return home; please stay tuned for our phone calls tomorrow!