Hi Friends and Family,

It is Mikayla, today’s LDD here. Disclaimer: Since I was unable to be with every group today, there are some details in here that I heard so they may or may not be true.

Mmkay my turn!!! So today was free day #2 and this time the glimpsers went solo…well as solo as groups of four allows. So we actually got to wake up at 8 this morning but most of us were up at around 7:30ish because well that’s what we are now used to (don’t worry once we get back we will be sleeping till noon again). The cooks seem to be getting us ready to leave because we got pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast everyone couldn’t wait to leave the hostel so the groups were off and the Belkis Boys (hope Resha explained that) were off as well. For most people it was souvenir day and we definitely got some very interesting souvenirs. Mia got some bowls and a sombrero… a mini one. Anya and Vivian were basic and just got Tusa and toys. A lot of people went to the internet café and called home or used the technology we’ve been deprived of… sorry to any parents who didn’t get calls… Anyway, everyone came back to the hostel for lunch and were excited to go out for round 2.

Round 2 had larger groups with some going with Belkis to her house and jewelry stores (I hear she drives a mean bargain) and others just running all over Estelí. I have more experience with the running all over town group but I heard Belkis got great deals and is an awesome tour guide. The other group walked all the way to a “great” mall. I swear I thought we were lost…I mean we walked by a guy selling a pig… but we got there together. We got there and there was barely anything or anyone inside. There was a food court and boy did we have fun there. We really are big kids because we saw a carousel and everyone was so excited to go on. No one cared that all of the workers were staring at us probably thinking “Wow they are such tourists”. After the carousel and the guys spending 50 Córdobas on a claw machine….that they lost… we went back to town square and ran all over Estelí to finish our shopping. It was actually a really good bonding day. New people in new groups and from what I hear everyone had a blast. It was a really great day as we start ending our trip. I think some people will be very entertained by some of the souvenirs being brought back. Tomorrow we wrap up our trip with our reflection day and you will be hearing from Vivian.

See everyone in a couple days. Don’t forget your kid at SFO international at 12:30 on technically Friday….

PS: Sorry for the lack of photos but my camera doesn’t connect and so our photo of the night is me writing the blog 😀