Today, despite the title of this blog, the Glimpsers had a very busy and chaotic day. This is because though we were supposed to have a free day, we still had to finalize some things for our Community Action Project (CAP) and that was much work which required much more time than expected. The day started off at 07:50 am (for me at 07:00 am since I was the Leader of the Day :]). After waking up and getting ready, the Glimpsers went to breakfast at Cafe del Tren, a beautiful restaurant near the Hostel. After breakfast, the Glimpsers split into groups to further figure out and develop our CAP ideas. The Glimpsers split up into Advertisement and Market/Infrastructure groups. Those in the Advertisement group (Victoria, Brandon, Elijah, Eli, Jasmin, Miguel, Ariel, Tarina, Stephani, Larry, William, Saida, and myself) headed to the internet cafe and there we worked on the Facebook page for the Pusuca Community (the community where we will be doing our CAP), flyers, and signs for the community. At the internet cafe, some of us also called our family and friends back home and then went out and got some snacks. The Market/Infrastructure group (Daniel, Cleiton, Jovani, and Anthony), headed out to different hardware stores with Ms. DeVico to find our CAP materials. After working very hard on our CAP, the group headed to Roma Santa, the amazing restaurant where we usually have lunch and the Glimpsers had, an amazing soup, then a delicious pork with potatoes and a creamy sauce, and an ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS dessert. It was definitely a perfect lunch following a busy morning. Following lunch, the group had a discussion with the GGLs about our CAP and we headed back to the hostel to finalize the signs and advertisement pages for our CAP. Moving on from our very hectic morning and part of the afternoon, the group got ready for our last day of English Tutoring Class :(. Since it was our last day (unfortunately because we all absolutely love, so incredibly much, our classes), all groups decided to have a little celebration with our students. So we all went out and bought snacks and cakes for our beautiful students. After this was finalized, the group headed to English class and celebrated our last day. It was definitely a very emotional and sweet moment for all of us because we all bonded so much with our students and grew to love them so much. It was very difficult to let go. However, at the same time, we were all very excited for our students because they had all learned so much and just because it was our last day, it didn’t mean it was their last day. They’ll continue to learn and be successful and the entire group is incredibly proud of that.

Following class, the group headed to Roma Santa for a very yummy dinner. The group had an exquisite steak, with a mouth-watering pasta salad. It was just absolutely DELIGHTFUL. Right after dinner, we came back to the hostel and had our Nightly Meeting. Tonight, Nightly Meeting was very incredible. The group had a very nice and deep discussion, ans it was overall, a very refreshing meeting.

At this very moment, I am sitting in the Cafeteria of the hostel, finalizing this blog and all I can say to you reading this, is that, though this day was very busy, it was very productive and most importantly FUN. Everyone had a great time finalizing our CAP and everyone is very thrilled to start working on our CAP tomorrow, Friday July 22nd. This is a project that we are all very PASSIONATE about and we cannot wait to see our ideas come alive.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

~Ivania Nunez


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